How Much Homework is Too Much?


Do you think you are given a manageable amount of homework each night?

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The students of today seem to be struggling with homework more than the generations that came before them. It may be that school, or homework itself, has gotten harder or that there is simply just more homework being handed out. Students go to school for about seven hours a day, for five days a week, which takes about 35 hours. If you add the amount of time it takes to do homework, that’s about 40 hours out of the week dominated by school. The copious amount of time that students spend at school and doing homework can be harmful to their health, self esteem, and affect their social lives.

Too much homework can be overwhelming and cause students to fall behind on other work. Eventually students could end up  in a cycle of late or missing homework, along with the chance of procrastinating future assignments. The trap of procrastination is harmful, as it can cause students’ grades to drop, not from a lack of ability or paying attention in class, rather they are being assigned too much homework to keep track of. If students’ grades start to drop, and along with it their GPA, they won’t be able to get into colleges that would allow them to have a successful future. Teachers that assign too much homework could be taking that away from students.

Homework also isn’t as useful as tests or quizzes when it comes to measuring understanding. Tests and quizzes allow teachers to see how well students retain the knowledge that they learn in class. Working from home allows students to use notes or the internet to find the answers to the assigned problems. Since tests and quizzes aren’t thrown at students at the same rate as homework, they aren’t rushed to finish them. Therefore, students’ grades are better portrayed by these in-class assessments, rather than through the extensive amount of homework that students are given.