Top 10 NFL Draft Picks


Photo from Forbes

On Thursday, April 25, the first round of the NFL draft took place in Nashville, Tennessee. Here are my thoughts on the top ten picks:

1.The Arizona Cardinals picked Kyler Murray with the first pick in the NFL draft. Now I believe this was a perfect pick, because Kyler Murray is a dynamic player. Josh Rosen did not have the athletic abilities like Kyler Murray. Josh Rosen was sent over to the Dolphins for a second round pick and a 2020 fifth round pick.

2.  The 49ers got a beast in Nick Bosa, the only concern is him staying healthy.

3.  The Jets picked the best player in the draft in Quinnen Williams. He won top interior lineman in 2018.

4.  I honestly don’t know why the Raiders picked Clelin Ferrell with the fourth pick, when Josh Allen was still available. This pick was kind of worthless, if you ask me.

5.  Devin White was a great pick for Tampa, as he is an insanely athletic linebacker.

6.  I’m gonna skip over the Giants’ pick because it was just that horrendous. They might as well trade Saquon to the Browns and make them even more unstoppable.

7.  The Jaguars tried again on picking an edge rusher early in the draft. Hopefully, they don’t trade Josh Allen to one of the best teams in a few years.

8.  The Lions got the short end of the Eric Ebron pick a few years ago. He was terrible as a Lion and right when he got to the Colts he goes off. Maybe TJ Hockenson will actually be able to do something.9.  

9.  Bills Picked Ed Oliver to replace Kyle Williams, who retired.

10.  The Steelers moved up in the draft to pick Devin Bush. they hope he can make an impact because they haven’t been able to find a solid middle linebacker since Ryan Shazier was broken.

Overall, the draft was pretty uneventful and pretty much predictable. The only thing worth talking about is the Giants’ pick because it was that bad.