PPBHS Competition Band gets a Second Special Escort

Point Boro High School's band breaks their own record with a win streak


Photo Courtesy of the PPBHS Colorguard Instagram Page

During the night of October 19th, you might have heard the screams of sirens riding the streets of Point Pleasant. At first the noise was confusing, but once the school buses came into view, it was clear our school definitely won something – something very big and exciting to be exact, the Point Pleasant Boro Band and Color Guard duo won states! 

The Tournament of Bands (TOB) in Washington Township took place on October 19th. PPBHS Competition Band’s score was 93.03, which is outstanding! Not only did they win this competition, but on October 27th the band also won the Atlantic Coast Championship (ACC) with a score of 95.81! Because of this victory at ACC, the PPBHS Competition Band was promoted to the Open class because of the high score in the A Class.

This win  at ACC was a big deal for both the band and our school as a whole. The band and color guard share the determination and the grit to persevere through long practices and taxing performances. “I was very happy when we won because it shows that all of our hard work paid off,” said sophomore Izzy Mould. Everyone involved is very passionate and being able to show off what they are known for, creating an amazing show.

It’s exciting to see the competition band move on to win even bigger, and more intense, competitions.  Although students and staff alike predicted accomplishments, the most recent championship win was beyond the imagination of many students. Thus, the celebration with loud sirens, police cars, and firetrucks was well-deserved.