The 2020 Census


Photo courtesy of Google Images

The 2020 census is right around the corner and it is vital that every person does their part. Simply by responding to the census and answering the questions given, it helps schools, fire departments, and many other vital community organizations. Moreover, the census is used to determine where billions of dollars get funneled to which states every year and also helps to better represent states in Congress. The census only comes every ten years so it is crucial to respond for an accurate count of the United States.

The U.S. Census Bureau is the main source of The United States data. Without their count and the people’s input, government funds may not go where they are needed most. For example, if a disaster hits, the census is able to give a more accurate count of a certain grouping of people. Therefore, first aid and other resources are able to have a better count to who may need their help. 

The census is also an essential part to finding ancestral documents. Past census records show where ancestors have resided and if they immigrated or not. These records help those wanting to find out more about their family easily learn about them and their history. These records have been known to go all the way back to August of 1790.

The 2020 census is important to every person in the country because it benefits each and every citizen. Without the census, accurate representation and count of the country would be impossible. So please do your part and be sure to fill out the census on April 1st!