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Imagine Spring Edition 2020

Welcome to the Spring 2020 Edition of Imagine the Point Borough Literary Magazine! Due to the current circumstances, we are unable to print a full edition, but we are so grateful that we could work with The Point Press to display some creative works from our student writers. In this edition you will find a variety of poems from the voices of our students. We hope you enjoy reading! 

The Willing To Accept


I believe that there are days that must happen to you, I believe that your life should roll like the roaring thunder and shine like the blaring sun, I believe in telling the stars your secrets and listening to the stars whisper back, I believe in accepting the past and embracing the future, I believe that if we would stop expecting so much, we would stop being so disappointed, I believe that cha...



that’s the way we see the world monochromatic with rainbow guk splashed here and there and only perceiving with the crosshair of our attention, rigid, narrowed vision with precision to shoot down the birds we call our conflicts that we have names for like fear and politics which people don't “like” for some reason, why would you not like to take that opportunity to vent out...

today for tomorrow

Chris Nunez

today, the bees will struggle to pollinate the luscious flowers, the squirrels will hide their future food, the night will drag the sun up, the dawn will break dusk, the warm will overheat the cold, the seeds will bring the bountiful fruit, the waves will welcome, the breeze will beckon the summer air, the world will heal, for a new tomorrow....

The Girl in the Sky


As I sat in the leather seat at the Garden my eyes glistened waiting for a sound to embrace my ear, my heart thumping with excitement The music came together like the colors in a rainbow While I searched the vast sea of music- I found the pearl in the clam As the neon colors embraced the musicians, I was in awe There was a hole in the wall- nothing seemed quite to fit it Now, the melodies, sounds...


Kimberly Koscinski

some have their earrings, or fancy cars, or fishnet stockings, or tiny scars to set them apart   I have my glasses   I can read just fine, up close and far away they're colored plastic sunglasses and they really do change the way you see the world   I've got yellow cat-eye ones for weddings, thick sky-blue round ones for birthdays, red-orange square ones for trips to the mall, ...

All Stars

M.E. Seton

Just dust off the muddied converse Sitting in the back of the closet Maroon and tawny white The tongue flops over from wear It was a happier time At least you think Full of grass stains and scraped knees Bandaged with a baby blue mickey mouse band-aid The pounding of carelessly placed feet on asphalt Laughter carried on the light breeze of a summer’s afternoon June burned bright Like an opulent ruby be...

Beautiful Lives


Think of the sunshine and the days well spent. Allow the memories to devour  your mind and body. Allow the smile to crawl  onto your face that has seen so much pain.  These beautiful lives we once lived, they will come back soon.  Keep going....

Short Poem


You were close enough to touch beneath stars all the less magnificent because of your presence The hem of darkness, chased by your feet, scuttled behind me to hide itself as you wielded firecrackers against the infinite depths of midnight I was the asphalt, my love if you had only fallen  I laughed as the smoke cleared, And I wonder every time I close my eyes if you saw me then....

Lost at Sea


My room is a private island all to me That harbors lush jungle and vibrant blooms  I retreat to my island to bask in the sunlight laying on plush fields of pillows that protect me from any danger that looms My room is a calm hideaway in the middle of the stormy sea It speaks to me like a proud flag that, in the wind, billows And guides the weary traveler when faced with endless blue My room ...


Lorri Gillow

Mercury in our tuna Dolphins wrapped in plastic Any measure needed Regardless of how drastic Endangered species garnish our meals Trees are burnt down to the leaves Jeff Bezos cannot give us the Amazon we really need Countries serving animals infected with disease Icebergs melting flooding our seas Greenhouse gases are counteracting the green thumb we so need The coronavirus is awful at be...

The Time Of My Life

Ella Graul

The ground rattled as campers littered the earth with their footprints  like a stampede of horses, making their way to the wooden stage. Our idolized camp director’s voice reverberated off the trees through the speakers. Light cascaded through the viridescent leaves decorating the trees, I had to embrace maturity.   All the campers squared off into their respective regions antic...

Born To Be

Ashley Soma

Ferociously beautiful, dauntingly intimating and lovingly forgiving  Wildly determined to be simply complex Diving down steep cannons into the unknown Basking in an underwater mystery so vibrant with life it is  an uncanny sculpture of the diversity we thrive in  Gliding through a sky of cotton clouds  with color so graciously air brushed  Hues of yellows, oranges, pinks and  purples ble...

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