It’s Smart to Invest in PPBHS Students


The New Jersey Stock Market Games allows students to invest $100,000 in a variety of securities (stocks, funds, bonds). Their portfolio value is based on the actual market value of the investments. The competitive event is held twice per year and sponsored by the SIFMA foundation

The Fall event ran from: 10-04-2021 to 12-10-2021. Students are able to buy and sell securities as well as track the results daily. Students also can view a leaderboard for the region and state that compares the teams against each other and a S&P 500 growth index fund. It’s an interactive, real world experience for the students!

PPBHS Highlights

  • Two of Mrs. Reed’s students are among the top 15 in the state (out of 1,835 total teams)
  • 10 of the top 20 teams in the region are Point Pleasant High School Business Students (514 total teams)
  • All of the 10 student investment portfolios outperformed the S&P 500 growth index by 3-17%! They “beat” the market.

Student Results

  1. Brian Ostander, Grade 11 (Reed) 1st place in the region and 7th in the state

    +17% above S&P 500, 25%+ ROI

  2. Jonah Zoppel (Reed) 3rd place in the region and 15th in the state

    +10% above the S&P, 18% ROI

  3. Dan Nicoles, Grade 12 (Fisher) 8th in the region

  4. Dan Ruggerio, Grade 9 (McDonald) 9th in the region

  5. James Tiroly, Grade 10 (Donald) 11th in the region

  6. Kevin Chen, Grade 12 (Reed) 12th in the region

  7. Gus Christ, Grade 10 (McDonald) 15th in the region

  8. Bryce Simpson, Grade 9 (McDonald) 18th in the region

  9. Brian Simoes, Grade 10, (Fisher) 19th in the region

  10. Dan Anilonis, Grade 11 (McDonald) 20th in the region