Winning PSAs for English III classes

Juniors in Mrs. Orosz’s English III classes were given the opportunity to create a public service announcement (PSA) video on a topic of their choice.  Videos were required to utilize a persuasive strategy (such as emotional appeal) and had to posses a call to action.  Once students were done filming, the classes held a PSA Film Festival and invited Mr. Karcich, Ms. Karagias, and Ms. Zamarra to view and judge each of the PSAs.  In addition, all students in both of Mrs. Orosz’s English III classes also watched and judged all PSAs (there were 14 total between the two classes).  When student scores and administrative scores were in, the votes were tallied and the winners were announced.  First place was awarded to Isabella Cancel, Sofia Correia, & Kelly Favato on the topic of vaping.  Second place featured heart health and was awarded to Valerie Bruno, Brianna Gallagher, & Tyler Larned.  Third place was awarded to Mike Gerardi on the topic of pet rescue.  Finishing out with Honoable Mention was Amy McKeon who focused her PSA on animal cruelty.  In all, the first PSA contest was a total success according to Mrs. Orosz, “Students really enjoyed the process of creating the PSAs and then watching what their classmates had done, and they did a fantastic job on them!”  See all winning videos below.

1st PLACE: Vaping

Isabella Cancel, Sofia Correia, and Kelly Favato

1st PLACE: Vaping by Isabella Cancel, Sofia Correia and Kelly Favato

2nd PLACE: Heart Health

Valerie Bruno, Brianna Gallagher, and Tyler Larned

2nd PLACE: Heart Health by Valerie Bruno, Brianna Gallagher and Tyler Larned

3rd PLACE: Protecting Animals

Mike Gerardi

3rd PLACE: Protecting Animals by Mike Gerardi

Honorable Mention: Animal Abuse Awareness

Amy McKeon

Honorable Mention: Animal Abuse Awareness by Amy McKeon

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