Is this the final goodbye?

Being a senior through this pandemic has been challenging to say the least. Right now we were supposed to be experiencing the best few months of our lives. We were planning for the senior ball, senior picnic, project grad, all to be capped off with our graduation. Now, that has all changed. After 13 years of schooling we sadly do not get the happy ending that all senior classes before us have experienced. The last memories of senior year are supposed to be enjoyable and something to look back on and be proud of.  Senior ball was an event that everyone gets to experience, something that we as seniors had already prepared and longed for. There had even been an Instagram page set up months ago for all the girls to post their dresses.  On the same token, high school graduation was something that our families would travel to see and especially save the date as it is a huge milestone in our academic career. Graduation, which is also technically the last goodbye to our classmates before we all head off to college across the country, has been taken away from us. With the Governor’s orders still in place, nobody is allowed in large gatherings which includes graduation as well as only virtually speaking through Zoom and other online chats with friends. 

I haven’t been able to see my friends or play high school baseball one last time which is upsetting.”

— AJ Hernandez, senior

 Another sad loss is the spring sports season. Many talented seniors were ready to have their last ride with the sports they love. We asked one of our classmates, AJ Hernandez, his opinion of COVID-19 affecting his senior year and he stated, “I haven’t been able to see my friends or play high school baseball one last time which is upsetting.” This is how a lot of the senior athletes feel because they were robbed the chance to play their last season with their teammates. 

Online school has been a huge adjustment for everyone. Teachers and students did not have much time to plan and prepare for this. As this virus happened very quickly, it forced everyone to figure out how online school was going to become the new normal. Taking on the tasks of virtual learning is a bit different since communication between the teacher and student has so drastically changed. This has put a new kind of pressure on students to be able to get all their work done and on time. As a high school student, I can admit that learning through a computer has been nothing short of a challenge; but it is something that has gotten easier over time. Thankfully, Google hangout and Zoom have been available for students to get in touch with their teachers if there was a question or concern. 

As this virus has gotten worse over the months, it has caused the unknown especially as to when an end is in sight. It has affected many lives but especially seniors in high school and college.  One positive is that it has made the class of 2020 look back and appreciate the time we spent together and all of the memories that were already created. It goes without saying that my classmates and I are eagerly waiting to see if our senior year can be resumed. With the hope we have left, our wish is that we get to walk through our hallways one last time and say goodbye to the teachers we love and classmates that we have created a strong relationship with throughout the past 13 years.  

If this is the final goodbye, on behalf of the class of 2020 we want to thank the amazing faculty, students, and love the high school of Point Pleasant Boro has given to us. We love you Point Boro and all of the memories that we made will never be forgotten.                                                                                    


                                                                                    Class of 2020 🐾

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