Thoughts from Seniors

A Change

Jake M., Staff writer

Due to the recent rapid development of the new corona virus everyone's lives have changed. When many first heard about it no one thought it could affect them. Now almost everyone you know has been affected by it on a daily basis. Whether it be from contracting the virus, the social distancing measures put in place, or the loss of a job.  It is now that it is causing a national change in the way st...

A Letter to High School Seniors

Right now, we are living through a historical pandemic. The Corona Virus has impacted every corner of the world in so many different ways. For example, the world’s economy has been suffering since the lock downs started. In the United States, all companies are feeling the effects because only essential businesses are allowed to remain open and essential workers are the only ones that are supposed...

Is this the final goodbye?

Being a senior through this pandemic has been challenging to say the least. Right now we were supposed to be experiencing the best few months of our lives. We were planning for the senior ball, senior picnic, project grad, all to be capped off with our graduation. Now, that has all changed. After 13 years of schooling we sadly do not get the happy ending that all senior classes before us have experien...

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