The News on Newsies

Mrs. Muraglia

Based on the original musical and the real-life newsboy strike of 1899, Point Pleasant Borough students prepare for their upcoming spring musical, Newsies.

The musical focuses on the obstacles that homeless kids and their leader Jack Kelly, played by Ryan Jasaitis, had to overcome during the 1899 newspaper strike in New York City.

Kelly forms an alliance against the big companies that raised the prices of the papers.

Starting the musical process back in January, Student Music Director and Stage Manager Ben Stefan explained, “ After all of the preparation, we are all really excited to bring Newsies to life for the Point Pleasant Boro community.”

With musicals being a big part of Point Boro, there is no doubt that this play will top all others. The student actors and actresses have put in countless hours to perfect an outstanding performance for all of Point Pleasant to see.

Newsies is set to perform March 14 through March 17. Tickets are $10 and you may purchase tickets for this musical by calling (732)-701-1900 ex. 2218. Get your tickets soon as you will not want to miss this amazing performance!