Steam Tank 2019

There are many ways to make a difference, whether it’s through volunteering, creating art, or even just being kind.  At Point Pleasant Boro, Advanced Software Engineering students are using their knowledge of programming to effect change in their corner of the globe.

In advanced software engineering, students learn how to write code and design unique, revolutionary apps. The programs created in this class are relevant to the real world. They address local, national, and even global issues. From Curb Your Carbon, which tracks how much CO2 you emit while driving, to D.A.W.N, a for-students-by-students mental health resource, students are creating important and original apps.

Mr. Gattuso and his students compete at the semi-annual STEAM tank competition, where students present their creation to a panel of judges (shark-tank style). Mr. Gattuso’s classes have won multiple awards for their exceptional work, and at these competitions, they set the precedent for many other high schools.  

This year the competition was held on March 16th, at Camp Evans in Wall Township. Students from PPBHS presented six different programs. D.A.W.N, which stands for depression and anxiety wellness network, made waves as the only app in the competition that focuses on student mental health. Designed by Mikayla Mount, Jeffery Simons, Joe Bobowski, and Caroline Shea created the app with the intention of offering students a way to track their mood, journal, and improve their overall sense of well being through yoga and other techniques.

Another app, J.R.E.S (Joint Resource Emergency System), is unlike anything available today. Created by Matt Retinatto, Christopher Romanchak, and Tyler Svenson, J.R.E.S helps people find the closest emergency shelter in case of a natural disaster. All you have to do is input your zip code, and the program finds the closest shelter and gives you all the details.

The top three winning teams will be announced in the upcoming months. Mr. Gattuso expressed how proud he is of his students, for going above and beyond to bring these apps to life.  

Whether you’re interested in programming, or passionate about making the world a better place, stop by room 206 and see if Advanced Software Engineering interests you!

Special shout-out to Mr. Gattuso and all his Software Engineering students for their incredible work and dedication!