Seeing Double


Photo courtesy of YouTube.

Gemini Man starring Will Smith, was released on October 11, 2019. The movie follows the story of Henry Brogan; an assassin who has worked in the business for years. His old age begins to wear him down and he decides it’s time to retire. This turns out to be all for nothing as Brogan soon becomes the target of a young mysterious new operative that is highly skilled and seemingly knows his every move. Soon Henry learns that the man hired to kill him is actually a clone of himself but 20 years younger. The film follows Henry’s struggles as he tries to kill his clone and eliminate the bad guy.

Gemini Man was one of the cheesiest movies ever. The whole plot of an older Will Smith fighting a younger Will Smith is just a lame premise. If you were to tell me that 20 years after Will Smith’s prime that they’d bill him in an action movie where the villain is a clone of himself I would say that is a terrible idea. The movie already has affected Will Smith’s career in a negative way as many in Hollywood gave it bad reviews and told the movie as it is; Gemini Man is a slow, sloppy, boring attempt at a movie that possibly could have been more of a success 30 years ago. 

The movie trailer implied that it was going to be a box office film for Will Smith. But, once the movie finally hit the theaters, it all went downhill from there. This movie was overall an absolute disaster. The movie was supposed to be a blockbuster film, but definitely ended up being a tragedy. Gemini Man took months to be produced and the overall budget ranged between one hundred thirty eight and one hundred fifty eight million dollars. After about two weeks of being in theaters the movie lost out on seventy five million dollars in revenue. 

Overall we believe that the film was very disappointing because the action scenes were lackluster and the film was really dragged out. The CGI in the film was very poor and made it seem like it was produced in 2004, in other words it was hard to watch due to the indigent quality. Furthermore, Will Smith did not play his best part in this film which was very detrimental considering he played the two main characters in the movie. Overall, I wish I could unsee this movie, it really was a poor film and may be the beginning of the end of the Fresh Prince’s career in Hollywood. 

Overall we would rate this movie at an astounding 1.9 out of 10! The movie was truly hard to watch and we aren’t the only ones who were disappointed in it. Here’s to hoping that next time Will Smith will come out with a better movie than this one.