Black Hole to Gaming Gold

 On July 21, 2017, a gaming and software company known as Epic Games released its new game to the public, unaware of the following it would soon amass. Fortnite, a third-person shooter, stood apart from other popular shooters at the time like Call of Duty and Battlefield because it featured a building mechanic. This allows players to build a makeshift cover to protect themselves from taking damage. It also featured a game mode that was relatively new to the gaming community known as a ‘battle royale’ featuring 100 players that battle against each other until only one person or a squad is left standing. 

Ever since Season 2 of Fortnite, it’s been a huge hit for people of all generations, mostly younger generations. The game features a cartoonish art style and though the game is free, the developers release new items almost daily that their audience can’t get enough of, which is how Epic gets most of their revenue. With each new season, which lasts about 2 months, Fortnite receives a new battle pass which people can buy with real money or in-game currency known as V-Bucks and can level up for items including multiple cosmetic items that people can use as their characters or use as skins for their in-game weapons.

Recently, on Sunday, October 13th Fortnite Season 10 ended with an in-game event that was spectated by millions. The event included a comet crashing into an area on the map called Loot Lake, creating a black hole that consumed the map that all Fortnite players knew so well. Screens around the globe turned black, leaving only a  black hole that stayed for almost two days.

The gaming community turned frantic as people were trying to figure out what the black hole meant and when they would be blessed with Season 11. After a day and a half on October 15th, players were relieved when they loaded up Fortnite and instead of a black hole they were welcomed with a cut scene and the new Season 11 which reverted the game to what it was prior, a simple third-person shooter you can enjoy with your friends.