Annual Powderpuff Game a Success


Juniors prep for their first powder puff game.

Powderpuff is an annual game of flag football played by the junior and senior girls. The role of coaches is played by the junior and senior boys. Each team is required to come up with their own fun plays and figure out where each girl will play. After only three practices, the players have the opportunity to show off their skills in the game.  This year the game took place on Tuesday, November 26th. Practices started November 19th and continued through the week leading up to the big game. Each team, juniors and seniors, are required to hand in three panther paws, donate five items to the food drive, volunteer for 30 minutes during homecoming week, and pay $25 for a player shirt. The seniors wore a black shirt with their chosen number and name, followed by the juniors with the same design but in white. The game and all of the prep work leading up to it has continues to be a very exciting event that all students look forward to year after year. 

Congratulations to the class of 2020! Last night’s game was an amazing opportunity to get the school together and get a good laugh. Both teams did an incredible job and played with great sportsmanship!