Hong Kong Riots


Photo Courtesy of BBC.com

Over the past few weeks, the riots in Hong Kong have escalated to a very violent situation.  According to BBC news, “Hong Kong’s protests started in June against plans to allow extradition to mainland China.” This bill called the Extradition Bill would give China the ability to send criminal suspects to mainland China, which is way different from Hong Kong.  To provide some background on the country situation, the British had control over Hong Kong for 156 years after finally giving Hong Kong back to China on 1 July 1997.  Because of this Hong Kong, has its own currency, legal systems and civil liberties that mainland China does not.

Even though the Hong Kong Extradition Bill was officially withdrawn in late October, the riots have continued and are yet to end with the situation getting worse and worse by the day. There are first-hand accounts documenting the chaos in Hong Kong that are easily accessible on The Guardian News along with hundred of other news sites and video sharing platforms. These videos show protesters smashing windows and rioting along with police retaliation. They also show police lighting people on fire, shooting people down, and beating protesters in the street.
As time passes the riots seem to get more and more chaotic.