Van Wilder at the University of Florida


Jeff Netgate being interviewed by Barstool Sports' Caleb Pressley

Jeff Netgate is currently an 8th year senior the University of Florida. Yes, you read that correctly – he has been in college for eight years. If you think eight years doesn’t seem that long, then get ready for your memories to come flooding back:

2012(Netgate’s freshman year)- Gangnam Style is the number one song and “YOLO” is cool to say. 

2013 (sophomore year)- Vine is invented

2014 (junior year)- Ebola broke out in Africa

2015 (first of many senior years for Netgate)- THE dress. Yes the dress that you’re thinking of. Gold and white or black and blue? Netgate said most people that attended the University of Florida said it was gold and white, and only “weirdos” saw black and blue.

2016 (year 5)- The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years

2017 (year 6)- Bitcoin

2018 (year 7)- Eating tide pods was a thing (for some reason?!)

2019 (year 8)- Netgate is looking to do the improbable… graduate. 

Netgate is very reluctant to tell people his actual age, in fact, he does not even tell his friends his age. When Caleb from Barstool Sports asked Jeff Netgate about his age, the conversation went like this:

Caleb: “How old are you?”

Netgate: “I am 24.”

Caleb: “That’s not true. How old are you for real?”

Netgate: “26.”

Everyone knows spring break is a main part of the social scene in college. Surprisingly, Jeff Netgate has only gone on seven spring breaks during his time at the University of Florida. In total, he has been on nine spring breaks, due to the fact that he went on two spring breaks in high school. 

Netgate said he goes to class, “now and again” and that his attendance was probably around 50%. For employment, Netgate is a DJ at a nightclub in Gainesville. He is the most popular DJ in the University of Florida. 

Despite the fact the Netgate has doubled the typical time spent as an undergraduate, he has no intentions of leaving anytime soon.

When interviewed by a member of the Barstool team, Netgate expressed that graduating is “definitely [his] biggest fear…. Because then all this is gone for [him]. The beautiful courtyards, the fun. There is no fun in the real world.”

Eventually Jeffery Netgate WILL graduate college and will need to learn to live in the real world. Hopefully that time is soon.