Abnormal Weather Sweeps the Northeast

Strange temperatures cause a drastic change in winter conditions in America


Elena M.Kiryan

Smiling sandy snowman in red santa hat on the sea beach. Holiday concept can be used for New Year and Christmas Cards

This year, winter has been drastically different from what we have seen in the past. When you hear the word winter, the thought of snow and a cold bitter breeze will come to mind. But, that’s not the case this year. It’s like mother nature forgot what winter was truly all about! Winters aren’t supposed to be warm and sunny, but rather cold, harsh and beautiful, with the exception of rainy days where the rain slowly freezes into snow.  The snow never staying long enough to allow us to use the phrase ‘it’s snowing,” but just long enough for us kids to get excited for a possibly school delay or closing.

This winter has been very abnormal to say the least. The Southeastern area of the United States has also been hit with this warmer trend, receiving warmer temperatures than average. Some days it will be insanely cold to the point where it’s painfully bitter, then the next day it will be so warm to the point where people will go out to surf.

The average temperature has been running between 20 and 30 degrees warmer than usual this season. Residents have heard their fair share on why New Jersey’s weather has been so bipolar lately, global warming being the most popular reason. If it is global warming that’s doing this, there’s no doubt that people all around the world are going to have to reconsider the ways we live our everyday lives in the next 40-50 years.

Most kids can remember the days when the school would call out for a snow day, running to throw on their snowsuits and go out and play in the mountains of white outside with complete joy, participating in winter activities like going sledding and drinking hot cocoa. Nowadays, those memories are faint and you’re able to go outside without a cozy jacket or even a hat and gloves.  Rather you can leave the house in pants and a sweater and be comfortable. It seems that as of now, if you are an avid snow lover, you’ll have to travel way up north to get a good snowfall, but even there, they are experiencing the impact of the warmer climate as well.