The End of the College Basketball Season

“ And number one goes down once again.” “There is no overpowering team in the NCAA right now.” “ No college basketball team is consistent this year.”

These words have all been spoken over the course of this year regarding college basketball, and they are not far off. As the college season is coming to an end after an exciting 4 months of basketball, we are getting closer to the seeding committee coming up with the bracket of 68 that will make the NCAA tournament. With Selection Sunday happening on March 15th, teams have now entered crunch time in order to secure their spot within the field. The top 25 teams have remained pretty much the same over the past month, so they are all pretty much a lock.

Right now the top 10 looks like this. 

  1. Kansas
  2. Baylor
  3. Gonzaga
  4. Dayton
  5. San Diego St.
  6. Duke
  7. Arizona
  8. Florida St. 
  9. Creighton
  10. Maryland

Joe Lunardi, ESPN college basketball analysts, predicts Oklahoma, USC, Providence, and NC State will be the last four teams to receive an at large bid. He then has Richmond, Stanford, UCLA and Mississippi State as the first four out. However, with some quality wins down the stretch, these rankings can all be changed.

If I could make a prediction right now, I am almost positive that Baylor or Kansas will win the tournament.”

— Coach David Drew

As the March Madness tournament begins, what is the one thing people think about? Filling out what they think will be a “perfect bracket.” About 17.6 million brackets were submitted last year, and that number is only going to increase this year. After the first 16 games, less than 46,000 people still had a perfect bracket. Overall, after all of the calculations have been made, mathematicians have reported that the odds of picking a perfect bracket is a 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 chance, which is 9.2 quintillion.  Coach David Drew, the head coach of the Point Boro Girls basketball team, claims that he watches more girls college basketball than boys, but is still very interested in the tournament.

The middle of March to the beginning of April are some of the most thrilling weeks of the year for college sports enthusiasts and this year is turning out to be an exciting one, especially once the official bracket is released on Sunday, March 15th.