Mickey Dee Madness

Earlier this month a man was arrested after an altercation at a Tennessee McDonalds. The suspect was a 44 year old Tennessee native who seems to have a short temper. The altercation began when a man entered McDonalds and asked for a water cup. The employee said that it was 32 cents but the man only had a one hundred dollar bill. The employee told the man that it was okay and that he could have the cup for free because 32 cents isn’t much.

This is when the complications began as the man became flustered since he believed that it wasn’t moral to not pay for his water cup. The employee explained to him that it was okay and that it was only 32 cents and there was no need to break a one hundred dollar bill over a mere 32 cents. The customer got angrier and began to repeatedly hit the female McDonald’s employee until she fell to the ground. The customer continued to hit the worker while she was on the ground and when another worker tried to intervene he hit them as well then proceeded to throw a cookie jar at the cashier and exit the establishment. 

Police later found the assailant, arrested him and charged him with two counts of assault. Though this was a recent incident it wasn’t the first altercation at a McDonalds. In fact, fast food chains across the country have reported similar experiences. One McDonald’s in Wisconsin had an employee resign after she was repeatedly punched by a customer because it was “taking too long” for her food to come out. Another incident occurred at a McDonalds in Philadelphia where a worker had a mop bucket thrown at their face and was repeatedly punched and kicked while on the ground.

Perhaps these disgruntled customers could all benefit from a “happy meal.”