The Front Porch Project

A photography project that has been recently sweeping the nation, entitled “The Front Porch Project,” gives people a look into the lives of cooped up families looking for something to do. Naturally, photographers want to take pictures. Some say this quick photoshoot gives them a sense of normalcy during this crazy time. By bringing families together through photography helps make them forget about their worries, even if only for a moment, while sharing these with the community creates a sense of unity. 

Photography students were given the online distance learning assignment to mimic “The Front Porch Project” by taking a photo using either a camera  or cell phone of them/their family (including pets, whoever!) on their front or back porch. They were able to use a timer to include themselves or act as the photographer. Some photos are funny, others serious, and of course some even of the photos even include four legged friends.