Online Shopping due to Covid-19


Photo courtesy of Money Crashers

Due to most brick & mortar stores closing because of the Coronavirus, people are online shopping in order to get the supplies they need to survive. Although some essential stores may be open, such as grocery stores, the government is recommending people stay home as much as possible during this difficult time. Taking it even one step further, it is now against the law to enter a store without a face mask or face covering in the state of New Jersey.

There has also been an increase in sales of specific items because of the COVID-19 virus. Paper products and cleaning supplies on shelves in your local stores are rapidly disappearing, which forces people to shop online. With online shopping, products are delivered right to your front step. 

Although the move to online shopping has become increasingly popular, there is still a risk of buying goods online because you never know if the virus could follow you straight into your own home. According to scientists, the COVID-19 virus can stick on cardboard for more than 24 hours, so it is very important to Lysol the boxes before you bring them inside. However, it is very unlikely to get Covid-19 by just picking up a box. Therefore, it is definitely safer to shop online then go to the store. 

These changes to consumer behaviors are causing many businesses to lose money, especially stores that do not have an online website to sell their items. Buying and shopping online is almost an essential need for small businesses at the moment. If not able to sell goods virtually, some small businesses will lose so much money that they could go out of business. 

With no clear end to the quarantine in sight, it is unclear what the economy will look like when this is finally over.