Students Return to School

School is back in session as the cohorts combined to return to full-time learning on November 9th, 2020. However, the school day has not returned to complete normalcy. For instance, there is still no lunch in order to maintain the safety of other students, as well as faculty and staff wearing masks and maintaining a distance of six feet. While the hybrid method allowed for a smooth transition back into full-time learning, students still have the option to be in school or learn virtually, depending on their level of comfort. 

Due to exposure to COVID-19, students on select sports teams have had to quarantine for two weeks to protect the health of all students. While fall sports come to an end, the safety of winter sports has become paramount as they are practiced indoors. Recently, all winter sports were pushed back to ensure safety precautions are met.

PPBHS sophomore Jenna Wells explained, “I feel like schools could have waited a little longer to open full-time, because for students like me with autoimmune conditions it could make us higher risk for contracting COVID-19, as well as the case numbers in our country spiking recently. However, I think if the school takes the correct safety precautions and socially distances all students, it could be successful.”

So far, the return to school has been successful. Students and staff are taking all precautions, enforcing proper mask wearing, social distancing, and practicing frequent hand washing. While the new rules can be very challenging, we will all get through this together.