The Confetti Project

Mrs. Mitreuter’s Digital Photography students took part in The Confetti Project as a way to bring laughter and smiles in to their classroom.

What is The Confetti Project you may ask? 

Confetti = a tool to check in and celebrate ALL feelings…In these community circles, we will be utilizing confetti as a tool to pause, breathe, feel, and heal by sharing, honoring and connecting to yourself to YOU. 

It’s kind of hard to NOT smile when you are getting bags of glittering confetti thrown at you!

— Riley Newitts

I (Mrs. Mitreuter, Digital Photography teacher) decided to save “The Confetti Project” for the first day of combined cohorts to celebrate the students returning together. I know many students were looking forward to that day, so we took a few minutes at the beginning of the Digital Photography class period to set our cameras and throw confetti. This was an opportunity to energize your heart, mind and body in all of its emotional states, leaving you inspired and equipped to better show up.  To smile, laugh, giggle, and share in some FUN!  We all know this year has been difficult to say the least so why not throw some confetti around. “It was the first day we were all back in school and it just made my mood ten times better because it made it feel like a celebration” said student Shannon Bracken. “ In my other classes kids kept telling me I had confetti stuck in my hair and shirt, it was a reminder to smile,” said freshman Mia Cisneros. 

The results were really fun, I could see students smiling behind their masks, and of course a trail of confetti throughout my classroom and down the hallway. My original idea was to bring the students to the photography studio in NYC that houses the Confetti Project. I knew that wouldn’t be possible this year, so instead I ordered some confetti wands and large bags of confetti online and began the planning process. The studio in NYC has millions of tons of confetti that gets dumped from the ceiling and circulates in various bright colored backdrops. The studio even sells confettigrams, which are specially curated envelopes of confetti with various journaling prompts that remind us that celebration can be intertwined within all of our experiences. They are a piece of The Confetti Project studio experience, where you can let go of it all and drop into the present moment. “It’s kind of hard to NOT smile when you are getting bags of glittering confetti thrown at you” said Riley Newitts, “I didn’t want to stop photographing.”

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