PS5 vs Xbox Series X: 7 Years in the Making

2020 has been a crazy year for sure, but in the world of gaming it has been a blessing. Due to the quarantine in the early months of the year, many people were stuck home with not much to do, so people relied on video games. Now here in late November, video game companies are preparing to launch their new next generation consoles and hopefully find that same market. 

In 2013 Sony released the wildly successful PS4 and Microsoft released their Xbox One. At the time, these consoles were ground breaking due to their improved graphics, game play, and the overall experience that the consoles could provide to the user. Seven years later and the gaming systems are still holding up and selling new units every day. However, as time goes on technology improves and becomes easier to produce on a large scale and distribute. With the improvements in gaming technology, it is no surprise that Sony and Microsoft are now gearing up for the releases of their new consoles: The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. 

With the Xbox newly released on November 10 and the PS5 released 2 days later on the 12, the hype has been growing. After a shaky pre-order debacle with the PS5, many casual gamers were left without a pre-order for the console. The Series X also had a tough time with the pre-orders, as many fans were shocked at the speed in which they sold out. I was lucky enough to pre-order a PS5 so be ready for a full hands on review next month.

The new games for the consoles look to be promising. With PlayStation scheduling more exclusives at release and already accounting for 80% of all next generation console pre-orders, it seems that PS5 is off to a good start. The Xbox on the other hand has advertised the system with more exclusive accessories and details about the console than PS5. 

Another thing that is worrying to many fans is the midnight release time. Many hardcore gaming fans love to attend midnight releases for video game consoles, as well as releases for games. These releases allow fans to make new friends and also acquire the new console the day it releases, but with Covid-19 it is unknown whether or not stores like GameStop, Best Buy, or Walmart will participate in these midnight releases. 

However, one thing that we do know is that these systems will both be very successful. With more people gravitating towards video games in these times and the market growing bigger each month, it seems that they will be a top commodity for months to come. Yet as stores are selling out of systems so quickly, it will be interesting to see how many gamers will be able to get their hands on them. Until that day comes, the gaming world will be on the edge of their seats searching news sites and gaming forums for updates on these exciting consoles and the new games that we can expect on them.