Student Council Virtual Newsletter: November 2020



Students Change Hunger Food Drive

The student council is currently running and overseeing “The Students Change Hunger Food Drive” in the high school. The Food Drive collections will directly benefit our community. Point Pleasant families in need will receive these contributions. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our local families by donating to the food drive, so far. The student council is working on building an American flag display with the food drive donations. Please help to “build our flag” by donating Campbell’s soup cans. Student council president Maggie Ianella described the food drive as “…an amazing opportunity to come together and get involved in our community. It is for an important cause and is a great way for students to give back.”

The student council vice president, Lorri Gillow, stated that the food drive highlights the importance of “community and compassion.” Lorri continued by stating that “we all struggle with different problems, but some people live in circumstances where they do not have their basic human needs met. If you can recognize that not everyone is as fortunate as you are, and take the initiative to make a change, you will change your own life in the process of changing somebody else’s.”

The Students Change Hunger Food Drive is collecting food donations now until Wednesday, December 16th. If you are able to donate, please donate one of the following items as these are the most needed throughout our community:

  • Canned Fruits and Vegetables
  • Canned Meat
  • Canned Beans
  • Canned Soup
  • Cereal
  • Whole Grain Pasta
  • Whole Grain Rice
  • Peanut Butter

Please drop off any items at one of our drop-off locations:

  • Collection Box outside the High School Main Office
  • Collection Box outside the High School Counseling Office
  • Collection Box at High School Entrances in the mornings

No glass items, cellophane, bottled water and soda, or baby food will be accepted at this time.

Please make sure that none of the food is expired so we are able to help as many families as possible! Thank you so much for your continued support.

Can Tabs

The student council is also collecting FULL sandwich size bags of can tabs. These tabs will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. These tabs have helped cover the cost of their electricity bill in the past. Please turn in these bags to Ms. Salvatoriello in the School Counseling Office. Thank you so much.

St. Gregory’s Pantry Giving Tree

In the upcoming weeks, the student council is collecting donations for the St. Gregory’s Pantry Giving Tree. These donations will help to create a positive atmosphere within Point Pleasant and help us wish happy holidays to all in need. This year, GIFT CARDS ONLY will be accepted as donations. Please drop off gift cards in the School Counseling Office and Main Office through December 4th. Thank you so much for your contributions.


New Student Orientation (9/1-9/3)

Student Council Members and Peer Leaders united to help give new students a tour of the school. Amidst the uncertainty of this time, these tours helped to acclimate students to the high school and introduce them to all our community has to offer.

Week of Respect (10/5-10/9) and School Violence Awareness Spirit Week (10/19-10/23)

Thank you to all who participated in one of our spirit days. As a Panther family, we can fight to beat violence in schools throughout the world.

Pumpkin Decorating To Go (10/24)

Thank you to all who volunteered their time to help in the pumpkin pick-up activity. Throughout the morning of Saturday, October 24th, volunteers assisted in giving away free pumpkins with attached decorating kits to families throughout Point Pleasant. These pumpkins were donated by the Point Pleasant Education Association. The volunteers wore costumes and helped foster positivity within our community.