Streaming wars update

As we approach being in the pandemic for one full year, the world of entertainment has had little upward progress. Broadway is still closed, no large concerts, and no big blockbuster movies have been released. These things have placed a lot of attention onto streaming services, and with most just being released within the past year the battle to get subscribers has gotten intense.

It starts with Disney Plus.   On December 10th, they released a large lineup of movies and tv shows exclusive to the platform. This includes shows based on Marvel Characters like Loki, Ms.Marvel, SheHulk and War-Machine.  They also released shows based on the world of Star Wars, with most taking place in between the time of the original trilogy and the sequels.  The one main exception was the Obi-Wan series with Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christian reprising their roles.If you want to know more about Disney’s past and future releases, check out there most recent list HERE.

Another success on the new Disney Plus channel is Wandavision.  The series follows Scarlet Witch and her husband Vision living in reality based on old tv shows.  However,  something is clearly not right because Vision should be dead and the year is 2021, not the 60’s as portrayed in the beginning episodes. Every week, viewers are glued to the show, and if the Disney Plus platform keeps up this quality of shows they will certainly be hard to beat in the streaming world.

HBO Max is currently also trying to make a name for themselves, having made a deal with Warner Bros studios to release all movies made by their company on the platform the same day the movies are released in theaters for the next year. This includes movies like Godzilla vs Kong, The Batman, and Wonder Woman 2, which was released last Christmas on both the platform and in theaters. However, there has been a lot of push back to this idea as not only are the movies free, different from the premier access fee that Disney uses, but apparently Warner Bros. did not consult the filmmakers on this deal (nor movie theater companies) and now both feel they have been robbed of revenue.

Netflix, still reigns high however, with the platform getting 42 golden globe nominations, the most of any streaming service.  Netflix also stays on top as roughly every month they release something that has the world buzzing. Whether that be the tv show Bridgerton, that was just renewed after huge ratings that caused everyone to want to buy corsets, or now with the movie Malcolm and Marie which is a movie filmed and written entirely during the pandemic that follows an argument between the two character after the premiere of Malcolm’s movie. The movie itself is getting a lot of Oscar buzz with many wanting Zendaya, who plays Marie, to be nominated for Best Actress.

The newest in the streaming world to debut will be Paramount Plus, which is releasing on March 4th.  Paramount Plus will be the successor to CBS All-Access and will include much more content. Their commercials were seen throughout the Superbowl which has help to drum up a lot of buzz for this new service.

As we see more services born we will inevitably begin to see some fall, with the biggest fall coming not from streaming services, but from cable.  As new streaming services emerge, especially Youtube TV and Philo, acting as cheap replacements for live tv, you will see many people cut the cord on cable.