KFC Joins the Sandwich Wars

KFC has finally joined the chicken sandwich wars and they are a strong competitor.

KFC has launched a new chicken sandwich to compete with the likes of Chick Fil A, McDonald’s, and Popeye’s. The new sandwich features the same characteristics as most of its competitors including a brioche bun, a crispy piece of fried chicken, mayonnaise, and pickles. So with the launch of this sandwich, I decided I would give it a try and see how it compares to the other famous chicken sandwiches.

The new KFC sandwich comes in a spicy and regular variety, meaning I had to try both. Just like the Popeye’s sandwich, the spicy version has a spicy mayo on it that gives it a really nice kick and a tasty flavor. The chicken was very crispy and juicy, and was on par with Popeye’s. Along with this sandwich that really shocked me, KFC recently launched new french fries to replace the potato wedges which I thoroughly enjoyed. They had a nice crunch to them and they were coated in the Colonel’s 11 secret herbs and spices which really helped. The plain sandwich was even better than the spicy one and to me was on the same level with the Popeye’s, and even better than Chick Fil A.

Overall, KFC really knocked it out of the park with this new sandwich and the whole meal was really good. Popeye’s and KFC are neck and neck with these sandwiches, both ahead of Chick Fil A which is surprising because Chick Fil A was so far ahead for so long. At the end of the day, KFC has a really good chicken sandwich and I recommend you give it a try leave your thoughts below.