Win Pizza or Kiss a Pig: First Penny Wars a Success!


Willie the pig puckered up and ready to SMOOCH!

In the past few weeks, each class of PPBHS participated in the first of many ¨Penny Wars.¨

Penny Wars is a fundraising competition against each grade. Students were to put extra change and dollar bills into their grade’s assigned bucket to rack up points. By the end of the week, whichever grade had the highest amount of points won a pizza party! On the other hand, the president of the class with the lowest amount of points had to kiss a pig!

According to class of 2023 president Joey Mazzaro, ¨It was a great way to get students to donate to their class and even have a little fun by putting coins into their class buckets to give their class the lead.¨

By the end of the two week competition, the class who ended up having the highest amount of points was the freshman class of 2024! The class who ended up with the lowest amount of points was the senior class of 2021. President of class of 2021 Andrew Witkowski ended up having to kiss the pig.

Overall, Penny Wars was an amazing way to not only raise funds for each class but to raise the school spirit for all grades. Although, it might not have been as much fun for the person who had to kiss the pig!