Broadway Reopens!

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic those who worked jobs in live theater were hit extremely hard, there was almost no way that the shows could continue. Now over a year later Broadway is preparing to reopen once again. Though many shows unfortunately had to permanently shut their curtains for good, hits like The Lion King, Hamilton and Wicked are preparing to make a comeback. Though small scale theaters have made their way back to the spotlight, with new safety precautions, the question has to be asked for Broadway, what will be done to keep those ginormous theaters safe?

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York announced that Broadway shows will be allowed to reopen at 100% capacity starting September 14, 2021. The following list is from and includes a list of shows and their re-opening dates and ticket sale dates.

 – Ain’t Too Proud – The Life and Times of The Temptations (On Sale Now; First Performance: Oct. 16)

– Chicago (tickets on sale and show resumes Sept. 14th)

– Diana (tickets on sale now; first performance December 1st)

– Jagged Little Pill (tickets on sale now; first performance October 21st)

– The Phantom of the Opera (tickets on sale May 7th and show resumes October 22nd)

– Six (tickets are on sale May 10th and the show resumes Sept. 17th)

Each theater will be allowed to choose its requirements for entering, for example showing a vaccination card or deciding whether guests must wear a face covering or not. Though shows like Frozen and Mean Girls closed permanently, the cult classic shows intend on returning stronger than ever, and new shows plan to open. Additional information of the speicific new shows coming are yet to be released.