Fantasy Football Analysis

With the roller coaster of emotions that this fantasy season has brought, we have seen stars fall and no name players rise to glory. But through it all, we are here to bring you the next big busts and stars of this fantasy season. We get into the in-depth analysis of the players you should be picking up, dropping, and trading before it is too late.

First, let’s start with the must start players going into week 6. Starting off you have to be playing Leonard Fournette, when you hear the name you think otherwise, but when you look at the stats, he is a must start if you are looking for a very solid RB2 or a flex player. As of now he is the 15th ranked running back in ppr leagues and after a very good week in week 5, I can only see his carries per game going up from here for the rest of the season. One of the most underutilized players in all of fantasy right now has to be Dalton Shultz. He is still on the waiver wire in about 25% of leagues and the odds are, if the team managers in your league haven’t picked him up yet, they are probably going to soon. Lastly, one of my last big starters for this week is Hunter Renfrow. Before his poor performance this past week, he was putting up very similar stats to Steffon Diggs. He is also going to be playing against the Broncos, who although have a very good pass defense, are a big rival and Renfrow knows he needs to come up big for his team this week after suffering two straight losses.

Second, these are the players who don’t deserve a spot in your line up for the upcoming week. My number one guy to not play is Chris Carson, for more reasons than I can count. The two major reasons for me though are the fact that he is coming off of an injury and is playing the 4th best defence against fantasy running backs. With my next pick to sit the bench has to be Jared Cook, if you picked him up after his explosive week 4, I’m sorry to say but he isn’t the answer. This past week after a statement game from the Justin Herbert led Chargers, it also made a statement about Jared Cook’s role in the offence. Although putting 47 points up on the board, Jared Cook only managed to rake in 3 fantasy points solely for the reason he is being overshadowed and out performed by the rising star Mike Williams, and veteran Keenan Allen while Austin Ekeler is also producing in the receiving column from the back field. The last player that I would say should not be starting in your lineup is Mike Davis. Although most people have had the realization by now that Cordelle Patterson is the go to guy in Atlanta, some people are still using him as a low tier RB2 or a higher tier RB3 when in reality he is max a low tier RB3  and I can only see his snap share and production going down from here. 

Lastly, here are some players that would be perfect to make a trade for with their low values so far. My number one must get player has to be Michael Thomas and it’s not even close. The man has done nothing but put up all star numbers every time he steps on the field. With a new quarterback with solid arm talent and playing beyond expectations, this is going to be a great year to test Thomas’s deep threat ability and based on what he has done in the league so far, it’s probably going to be promising. The next player I strongly recommend for good value is Saquon Barkley. Although he had a rocky start for the season, he was nothing but explosive in his past two weeks before the injury, and the odds are, with his injury his value will fall and people will be taking probably somewhere around a mid level RB2 value. The last player that I believe is a steal to trade for is Darrell Henderson. He has been flying under the radar all season long and has been giving his fantasy owners an average of 16.6 fantasy points per week which has put him at a respectable 16th overall among running backs. The other thing I like about him is that his points are built through a consistent average of points and not one week where he went off for 30+ points, he has never had a week below 15.7 points and you have to love the consistency. 

Through all the ups and downs of fantasy football we will be here to update you on the best options for your fantasy team. It can be a roller coaster but it doesn’t have to be as long as you listen to our top picks each week.