Best Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings


The many wing options available at Buffalo Wild Wings

Featuring 16 sauces and 5 dry rubs, if you ever look at the menu and don’t know what to decide, we are here to help! Whether you’re a spicy person or a mild person we will try them all and give you the breakdown of what to avoid and what you should be ordering more of.

Best Dry Rub

  1. Buffalo Dry Rub

One of the most unknown flavors at BWW is the buffalo dry rub. When these wings come out on the tray they have a nice layer of buffalo dry rub. These wings are hot, tangy, and most of all tasty. 

Best Overall

  1. Asian Zing

It should come as no surprise that we have the Asian Zing flavor as our top wing. With all the flavor-packed in this one sauce, everyone wants to buy it. This sauce is the perfect combination of a little bit of heat mixed in with so much flavor it will have you drooling. As seen by many as the best sauce on the menu, it has to be the safest bet for someone who is trying to switch up their sauce choice. It is absolutely loaded with flavor and it has just enough spice that it’s not overwhelming, but you can definitely tell it’s there.


  1. Blazin’

With the overall hottest wing Blazin’ takes that category. As soon as you put that wing on your fork you should know you’re gonna need milk. With the sauce packing in 350,000 Scoville units worth of heat and is made with Carolina reaper peppers, this sauce is no joke. There’s even a challenge where if you finish 12 blazing wings in 6 minutes you get a t-shirt. Customers don’t eat these for their enjoyment only to defeat the challenge.

Most Flavorful

  1. Honey BBQ

Last, but not least, Honey BBQ is by far one of the best go-to sauces on the menu. If you ever have a question about what sauce to get, this is the one, and if you believe us, believe the people who made it the most bought sauce on the menu. When someone orders this wing they’re getting a sweet flavor with a tangy ending especially on a boneless wing!

Overall, if you dine at Buffalo Wild Wings enjoy the sporty atmosphere as well as amazing food. Never forget a side of fries with this meal.