Fall Sports Postseason

The Point Boro fall sport season is coming to an end, and in general, all of the teams had great seasons this year. Several teams had winning records this season and many had a dominant year. From exciting close games to blowout Boro wins, it was an exciting season to watch all of the sports and see how great they became throughout the season. 

Boys Soccer:

The PPBHS Boys Soccer team had a great season in 2021. They proved themselves by going to the playoffs and winning their first round matchup. They started their season with 7 straight wins, and finished out the season 13-8, which is an impressive winning record. It was an exciting year for the boys soccer team and they had some amazing games. They are a team with underclassmen as well, so they seem to have a very bright future.

Girls Soccer:

The PPBHS Girls Soccer season ended on November 9th. They fell to Wall in a 2-0 loss in the state sectional semifinals. The team finished 13-6 and they won a share of B-South and won 2 playoff games. A big strength for the team was their defense as they had 11 shutout wins. On offense, they didn’t score many goals but the excellent defense made up for that. Next year looks promising for the Panthers as pretty much their entire roster is returning for the 2022 season. 

Field Hockey:

The second half of the PPBHS Girls Field Hockey season was just as good as the first half. The girls field hockey team ended the season with a record of 21-2. Within those 21 wins the coach of the field hockey team got her 100th win of her career coaching at Point Boro. The team won their 5th straight B-south title and became Shore conference finalists for the first time in 32 years. Unfortunately the field hockey team season came to an end in the quarter finals after losing to Seneca 2-0