Where’s Santa? Good Question


Sam G.

If you really need it, there’s always plastic Santa to fill the hole in your heart.

Santa Claus is coming to town! Is what I would be saying if he actually was. Unfortunately, 2021’s Christmas season may be the first time in a long while that your town is missing the jolly fat man.  As reported by a website called HireSanta.com, a large number of their Santa impersonators have been lost to the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to a shortage of representation this holiday season. Many locations that have requested a visit by Santa have been reportedly denied due to the heavy losses, tragically leaving businesses without a Santa display to have photos taken. 

The Santa shortage runs deeper than the losses that already occurred, but the new risk comes from the locations themselves. Mall restrictions are being lessened or even lifted entirely, creating a scary possibility that further lives can be lost to the new variants in large public places like malls. Mitch Allen, the admin of HireStana.com, stated, “There are still some Santas that are reluctant to go out and see the public face-to-face. Our Santa Claus entertainers are at high-risk for a negative outcome if they do contract COVID due to age and underlying health conditions.”

It’s a heart-breaking thought to have that your little brother or sister may not have that one chance to sit on Saint Nick’s lap, but it isn’t entirely impossible. It’s just going to be more difficult. Despite the many reported losses, there are locations who have gotten their ordered man of the hour. The real issue now is hunting for a place that has one. Many news sites have already made lists of these locations, and they might as well be your only choice with the projected difficulty.

Practice safety at these visits, because even with the loose rules, it may be wise to keep your children masked up, and yourself, for that matter. It’s always important to be careful with your life and the lives of others when a global pandemic still isn’t entirely out of the picture. Most visits will be socially distanced, as reported by NJ 101.5, “More than 80% of our big retailers are incorporating some sort of social distancing, where Santa is in a chair and the child is in a chair or bench 4 to 6 feet away and the area is well ventilated.” 

That is nearly everything you may need to know about Santa’s descent to New Jersey this holiday season. Remember to practice respect and COVID safety, and have a merry {insert winter holiday of choice}.