Fire In The Bronx Leaves 17 Dead And Many Injured


At first, it was counted 19, but after careful investigation, it was reported that 17 people were killed and many were injured in a fire in the Bronx. The deadliest fire in New York City in three decades happened on January 8th at 11 am on Saturday. 

A 19 story apartment building caught fire on the 3rd floor. It was caused by a malfunctioning space heater. About 200 firefighters were battling the massive fire and many rushed into the building to rescue people. At least 63 were injured and 32 of them sustained life-threatening injuries. Most of the victims suffered from severe smoke inhalation. 

The fire doors that were meant to close automatically malfunctioned and did not shut. This caused a massive amount of smoke to rise up the building. Many of the brave firefighters who went in, their oxygen tanks became empty, but they still continued. Residents that escaped from the building described the events that unfolded as ¨traumatizing.¨ Investigators are looking into what can be done to prevent any more tragedies like this from happening.