Thank You Point Pleasant PD

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day


The unmasked, now masked heroes of our town, Point Pleasant Borough should be appreciated and thanked for their bravery every day. There is in fact a day out of the year dedicated to them, National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day celebrated on January 9th.

For people who may not know officers have a code of honor if you look on the Point Pleasant Police Department website you can find there mission statement which reads:

“It shall be the mission of the Point Pleasant Police Department to serve all;

To safeguard lives and property;

To protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression, the peaceful against violence and disorder;

To respect the constitutional rights of all persons and to preserve liberty, equality and justice, with honor, loyalty, integrity, excellence and compassion;

To work in partnership with residents and businesses of Point Pleasant to provide a safe and secure environment where quality of life may be enhanced through the delivery of fair and impartial police services”

Just about every day these wonderful man and women risk their lives for the people of their town. Despite social media’s recent stereotypes of many police officers, the truth is they enter their line of work out of the kindness in their hearts. They devote their time to others’ safety. They hope to help and protect. Their mission is to keep the town of Point Pleasant Borough’s people and property safe. To serve the town, respect the rights, and work together.