A Close Call for Music History and John Mayer


Mayer’s Sob Rock Tour at Madison Square Garden

It was a late night on President’s Day weekend for a perfect concert to start; not even a cloud in the sky to spot and the most beautiful weather you could imagine. Therefore, you may be shocked to learn that there might not have even been a concert that day.

At least, there almost wasn’t a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York for a talented artist named John Mayer. Mayer had been planning for weeks for the show and was ready for anything. Well, almost anything… he was not quite ready for half of his players getting Covid last minute and having to possibly back out of one of the biggest venues in the United States. However, John Mayer was not able to just go through with the concert, but it turned out to be one of his most special concerts to date… that is, with a little extra help from some famous friends.

Like everything in the past few years, Covid almost ruined an otherwise magical night. Although it sounds devastating, it was almost a gift for this to happen. While it is sad that his drummer, harmony singer, bongo player, and other lead guitarist did get sick, this opened up an opportunity for Mayer to get creative and invite some extra hands come in and lend a hand. Mayer called up a few artists that he had previously worked on with some songs before this album of Sob Rock. Let’s just say that they delivered far more than expected with a stellar performance.

The special guest that made an appearance half way through was none other than Questlove himself, from the Roots band. He is most well-known for playing on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show with the Roots band as the drummer. Once Questlove had entered the stage, it was almost as if the band was playing in harmony and complete rhythm with each other. With a special performance like this, it had the crowd, and even John Mayer, in tears at the end of the show from what he was able to pull off, despite it being one of the anxiety-inducing shows of his life.

A show like this made history in John Mayer’s life and the whole music industry altogether. Inviting replacement artists last minute isn’t easy to pull off, as these concerts typically take huge amounts of effort and rehearsal to make it work.  Thanks to Questlove and the others that pulled through, it was a concert that won’t easily be forgotten by Mayer and will always be remembered in the hearts of the fans.