MLB Lockout


December 2nd, 12:01 am EST the MLB commissioner, Robert Manfred, called for a lockdown. Issues were raised between the player’s union and the league involving compensation for young players and limitations on taking to receive higher selections in the MLB draft.

Although, no game has ever been canceled due to a lockdown, the 2022 spring training won’t happen this year. Typically, spring training is a time for players to meet fans and provide an opportunity for  younger players to prove themselves and  get that roster spot or even starting position. Additionally, players and coaches won’t even be able to stay in touch with each other; it’s not allowed until they reach a new agreement.

No trades or player contracts will be touched or talked about until this lockdown comes to a halt. Players won’t be paid through their base salary, however they will receive any signing bonus or deferred salary bonuses.

This lockout is the second-longest work stoppage in baseball history, behind the 1994-95 players strike that wiped out the 1994 World Series and cost more than two months of regular-season games between the two seasons. Professional baseball players train their whole life to become World Series champs just how any other professional athlete works their whole life for that one moment.

Hopefully, baseball will be kicked off on April 1st, Thursday. Until then, fans wait in anticipation to once again watch the sport they love.