Panthers Snap Pictures at Pop! Selfie Factory

Point Boro High School advanced digital photography students traveled to Pop! Selfie Factory at the Bridgewater Commons mall.


On February 8, Panther students arrived at the Pop! Selfie Factory. The venue is an extremely immersive experience, and fosters creativity and imagination amongst the students. The factory features several unique backdrops to take photos against, including a beach scene, neon room, and even a bathtub surrounded by vibrant sunflowers.

Using these intriguing foregrounds, students are able to strike a pose and enjoy themselves. Renee Solina, a current senior, attended the field trip and loved it. Solina described, “I liked getting to photograph with different settings and lighting that isn’t easily accessible within Point Pleasant. It allowed me to photograph in a different way, and most of the pictures we took were carefree and colorful.”

In addition to attending Pop, the students also had time to explore Bridgewater Commons and take photographs all around the mall. They also had some time to visit all the different stores the mall had to offer.

In my opinion, the trip was an innovative way for students to sharpen their photography skills while having fun. The special backdrops provided a refreshing change from photographing in the school. I also heard so much laughter and excitement from the students once they began experimenting with the different scenes. I saw every single student smile that day.

Overall, the field trip was very rewarding. Students couldn’t wait to edit their photographs once we arrived back at the school. I guarantee you that unique experiences like this one will be remembered by these students long after they graduate.