Paris Fashion Week – Fall/Winter

As things are opening again and we are returning back to normalcy, let’s talk about Paris Fashion Week without any interruptions from Covid-19. Paris Fashion Week is one of the most well-known fashion weeks, attracting the media, buyers, top models, former top models, designers, and even other celebrities for decades. Since 1973, Paris has held two fashion weeks each year, showcasing spring and summer looks, then fall and winter looks. During this fashion week, from February 28 until March 8, crowds are heard cheering for their favorite models and designers showing off their autumn and winter outfits.

This Paris Fashion Week showcases many designer’s looks for this season, however, this week’s looks didn’t stick to a “particular era as much as a time frame: Young adulthood” ( Many famous brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel kept to the idea of youth; while Chanel took over the runway with oversized tweed coats, Louis Vuitton mixed and matched many pieces and made unexpected, yet youthful outfits. French designer Nicolas Ghesquière called the collection “an excursion into a perceptible, fleeting, and decisive moment when everything comes to the fore, in all its innocence and insight. The impermanence and beautiful volatility of adolescence.”

The thought of youth and nostalgia could create a sense of melancholy, and maybe remind everyone of the problems outside the fashion world. It was thought that perhaps Paris Fashion Week 2022 would not happen though, as Ukraine was under attack, but as it proceeded, many models are using all their earnings from shows and donating it to Ukraine. Some designers even subtly honored Ukraine with speeches and specially designed clothes; others just gave a nod to other issues in the world, “Chanel gave us an homage to tweed, Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia addressed the harsh realities of war and climate change, Loewe played with irreverence, and Off-White presented its first posthumous show following Virgil Abloh’s passing last year” (

As Paris Fashion Week is one of the most well-known fashion weeks, it attracts many prominent people, and many top models. Top models, Kendall Jenner, and sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid were seen out and about on the streets of Paris and walking the runway together for Off-White, along with former top models, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, and Cindy’s daughter, Kaia Gerber. You can see other celebrities attending the Miu Miu Show like Vanessa Hudgens, Camilia Mendes, and Ella Purnell, or you can see Julianne Moore and Sophie Turner at the Louis Vuitton Show, or you could just see former top models, Naomi Campebell, Kate Moss, and Carla Bruni rehashing the past on the streets.

Paris Fashion Week was a ray of sunshine on the gloomy days of late. It’s nice to regain a sense of normalcy after the past two years where Covid has filled the headlines, and the recent weeks where Ukraine’s troubles have taken top billing in the media. Fashion is a topic the whole world can come together about.