Harry Returns to Music In Style


Harry Styles is a pop artist that has proven himself again and again to run the charts. He’s been one of the biggest pop superstars since starting One Direction and has made headlines ever since, especially after taking over radio stations with his hit songs from past albums. It was a surprise to all when on March 23rd, 2022, Harry Styles announced his newest album, Harry’s House, to be released on May 20th. Harry’s House, his third album since becoming a solo artist, seems to be a step in a new direction for the singer. Just three days after announcing the album, he released his first single, “As It Was.” The song has an upbeat and positive tone, though the lyrics offer a deeper look into the singer’s mind. This seems to be the common theme for the album based on the hints he’s dropped through the song’s music video and trailer for the album. So, what can fans expect from his new album?

The cover’s monotone color palette offers a hint into what to expect from the songs. Harry’s latest album, Fine Line, had a cover that matched the colorful and energetic songs from the album, and his first album, Harry Styles, matched the sultry mood of the music as he tried to find his individual singing style. Styles is posed as though he is deep in thought and happens to be the only one standing upright in an upside-down living room. Though this may seem like nothing more than a stylistic choice to outsiders, fans know that this might have a deeper meaning. Comparing the cover of his music video and lyrics for As It Was shows that he is trying to portray his feelings through his work. 

In the singer’s music video, he is the only person walking backward while surrounded by people walking forward. This shows that he might feel out of place or different from the people around him. The only other person that is in sync with him is a girl, thought to portray his current girlfriend Oliva Wilde. Later in the video, he is laying on the ground in a similar position to a butterfly being pinned and observed, when the girl joins him and lays down in the same position. This represents the pressure of feeling watched by fans and having his relationship observed and judged by the public. This isn’t the only symbol in his current releases and leaks for the album. Both in the music video and trailer, the color yellow is more important than people may realize. In the trailer, a compilation of clips from tours and concerts is shown, then it cuts to an empty auditorium with Harry as he stands in front of a yellow house. Later, the first scene of the music video is a clip of yellow flowers followed by another compilation of a bustling city. Clearly, the yellow is supposed to represent comfort and calmness in Harry’s busy life. The house is a great symbol for Harry opening up the door to his mind and giving a good look into what life as a performer offers. 

Harry Styles has proven himself once again to be an inspiring performer that puts lots of effort into his music through obvious symbols and deeper meanings. His true passion for music has shone through all his songs, and it doesn’t stop at his new album. Whether you’re an avid fan of his music or interested in his occasional hits, it’s undeniable that this next album will be a truly groundbreaking album in relation to his other two. If you’re looking forward to his next greatest hits, I implore you to take a look at his work and admire the deeper meaning behind it.