Gas Prices in America Are Soaring


I’m sure most of us have realized that when we pull up to the gas station and fill up an empty tank, our wallets are usually empty. The whole world is aware of the current war that is going on between Russia and Ukraine. America has placed sanctions on Russian oil companies which has made oil harder to get. It has caused gas prices around the world to skyrocket making inflation go up as well. 

Norway, having the highest gas prices, has shot up to $9.26 a gallon. In the U.S the national average is around $4.1 a gallon. In some parts of  California, it’s up to $8 a gallon. 

This sudden increase has been causing a lot of people to conserve their gas and only drive if they have to. It’s made it very hard for young kids to get out on the road because they aren’t on their own financially. Even though oil prices have been going down, the price of gas has pretty much been stalemated.