Food Shortges


The food you see, eat, and enjoy in everyday life is becoming more expensive than ever due to war and other outside sources. Ever since the invasion of Russia on Ukraine, global issues have occurred with shipping because of Russia’s decision, upsetting many. Because of his decision, many countries have decided to cut ties with Russia and their supplies. However, Russia has done the same back to all of the other countries, and this is where problems begin. Necessities like gas and basic resources become even harder to obtain because of how heavily we get our resources from outside countries and from Russia. The most frightening result is the amount of food shortages around the U.S. and other parts of the world.

Every day, families have started to struggle just to keep food on the table. The reason why it’s gotten harder is because of how scarce the food source is right now. In addition, the prices on food have gone up drastically, and have become too expensive for people to afford. When something like food is even hard to get now for people this is when you know it’s starting to become an issue. To combat this, the government has been funding programs that can start to help these families get the food they need and to live off of.

In conclusion, people around the world and in the U.S. are trying to help everyone possible and give back with food they can provide. Even though the world is tense, they still see us as people in the world and care for us to the utmost. Thanks to this amazing country we have, everyone is trying to be there for each other to make sure no one falls behind.