2022 Senior Send Off


 Editor-in-Chief Frank Murphy: I am thrilled that I took Journalism my senior year! This class has strengthened my ability to write compelling articles and feature stories, as well as taught me the importance of media ethics, recognizing bias, and identifying fake news. My favorite article to write was the band trip to Disney World! I would like to thank Mrs. Jensen for her dedication towards helping me improve my articles and for being endlessly positive and uplifting. To the next Editor-In-Chief, write about topics that interest you, don’t hesitate to ask questions, and enjoy it, because it is over faster than you think. 🙂

Co-Assistant Editor Patrick Corrigan: Well, well, well, this is really it… we’re finally at the end of a rocking 4 years! I actually thought I would never reach this point in my life. It felt like I could be in this school for a while in my life but all good things come to a close. Let’s just say I had some amazing memories with great people I’ve met throughout high school and watched grow up and graduate. It’s a little sad, but it’s our time to graduate and move onto a new chapter in our lives. I met some amazing teachers this year that have definitely changed my life for the better. I wanted to thank Mrs. Jensen, Mr. Edolo, Dr. Kostenko, Mrs. Stabile, and many more teachers. I also wanted to say a big thank you for all the friends I met and became friends with, each and every one of these people have changed my life as well and brought joy to my life and I’m certainly gonna miss seeing them in the hallways of school. Cheers to the next part of all our lives and I’ll see every single one of you all outside in the real world! Peace out Point Boro High School. I’m gonna miss everyone here. Thank you, thank you!

Co-Assistant Editor Charlie Vitale: From being on the sideline or in the dugout of my brother’s high school games when I was five years old, to being the waterboy for a couple years after that, wishing and waiting to be on Al Saner field on Friday nights. Looking up to all the guys who’d be playing and being Point Boro Footballs #1 fan. To then being a three year starter and getting a state championship my senior year, while seeing all these little kids who remind me of myself when I was in their shoes. Safe to say, my lifelong dreams became reality. Also shoutout to Mrs. Jensen for being the best and sweetest teacher ever, and thank you Coach Drew for making baseball more fun than I thought it would be this year and being the GOAT. 

Co-Sports Editor Thomas Cannella: Wow, I can’t believe senior year is coming to an end already. It felt like just yesterday that I had my high school orientation and took a tour of the school. It looked like a maze then. I used to never believe it when people said that high school would fly by but they were right. It’s been a wild four years but all of those experiences have made me into the person I am today. I would like to thank Mrs. Jensen for being an amazing teacher and someone that I was always comfortable talking to. I would also like to thank all of my friends throughout high school for making my high school experience a good one. Thank you for everything. 

Co-Sports Editor Connor Newsome: Moving here right before my sophomore year, I never expected to have as good of a 3 years as I did. High school is a great time, but it just goes by so fast. It feels slow day by day, but at the end of it, it really flies by and you just wish for more time. I have a ton of good memories with so many people here and I wouldn’t have wanted high school to go any other way. I will never forget everything I have done or learned here and I won’t ever forget all of the relationships I’ve made. Thank you to everyone that has had an impact on my life the past 3 years: thank you to all my teachers, Mrs. Jensen for making journalism fun, every one of my friends, the school and in general every one of the relationships I’ve made and all the people I have met. Also, Thank you to the basketball program, Coach Hynes and the whole team for everything you all have done for me, and all the memories I have from being a part of this team the past 3 years. I will never forget the time I have had in this school and in high school in general, it was amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Co-Photography Editor Carl DiVona: These past 4 years have flown by with COVID taking away our sophomore seasons and junior year. The past 3 classes who have graduated above me have taught me leadership. Thank you to the Point Pleasant Boro baseball team for all the relationships and friendships I’ve built the past 4 years and Coach Cilento for teaching me to never give up on myself, not for only baseball but in life. Thank you to the teachers who I’ll remember for the rest of my life, Mrs. Camilleri, my 2nd mother, Mrs. Stabile for letting me pour all of my problems out into your gym class, Mrs. Bruno and Mr. Fehring for being the two coolest gym teachers ever, Mrs. Jensen, having your class freshman year I knew you were gonna be one of my favorite teachers ever you were the only reason why I took this journalism class, Mr. Flanagan, Mr. Furlong for coming into a new spot and just being yourself and making this team a lot of fun. Lastly, I thank Coach Drew for giving me the best 4 years of baseball and the most fun I’ve ever had. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without my boys. Thank you Crusty for playing flick football with me during testing. I can’t wait to see what all my friends and classmates accomplish. The class of 2022 is gonna be the best one for awhile and the most memorable one forever.

Staff Writer Christopher Semrani: I can’t believe these last 4 years flew by this fast, it feels like I just walked into the front doors for the first time. COVID taking away our sophomore year and making our junior year completely different made high school go so much faster. I can’t believe graduation is one month away, going into a new chapter of our lives and not seeing all my friends every day. There are too many to name all but I want to thank so many of my teachers that made my high school experience so much better and who I will remember for as long as I live. I would also like to thank Coach Drew, Coach Cilento and Coach daddy Furr and every teammate I’ve played with throughout the last 3 years. I would also like to thank everyone in this Journalism class for making this class fun to be in. One of the teachers that I will remember forever is Mrs. Jensen who is the only reason why I ever took this class, I remember being in your class the first day of high school and now I’m about to be in your class for my last day of high school. I can’t wait to watch all of my friends graduating with me this year will accomplish throughout college and after college. These last 4 years have been so memorable and it would have never been so memorable without the people I’m going to be walking next to on the turf in a month so I want to thank everyone else. The class of 2022 will forever be remembered as one the greatest and most memorable classes. 

Staff Writer Alaina Ciancia: It’s so hard to believe that my time at Point Boro High School is almost over. Over the course of the past year it has been a wild ride, with no more masks and things going back to normal, to the football games, to writing articles in journalism. I have learned so much by taking this class and thank Mrs. Jensen for teaching me everything I know. She was my cheer coach, my English teacher, journalism teacher, and an amazing mentor. Thank you Mrs. Jensen for everything you do! I don’t know how I’ll survive college without seeing you everyday. 

Staff Writer Stephen DiVona: First off I can’t thank everyone enough for making my last 4 years incredible thank you. But I would like to thank a few individuals, first off I would like to thank Mrs. Jensen for always being there and being someone to talk to no matter what. The next group of people I would like to thank is all of the history teachers in the History wing. Throughout all my four years whenever I went up into a class in the History wing I was always in for a treat no matter who’s class it was. Thank you Mr. Grainer, Mr. Flanagan, Mr. Henry, Mr. Canary, and Mr.  Furlong for always putting a smile on my face and being classes to look forward to rather than a class I would want to skip. Thank you to the Boro Baseball program and all the teammates. Most importantly, thank you to all my friends. You guys always made the bad days better and always knew how to make me a better person no matter what. I think I learned more in life from my friends than most of the teachers here and I can’t thank you guys enough! Thank you Thomas, Jeiden, Connor, Carl, Matt, Patrick, Girk, Josh, Crusty, Charlie, Bryce, Scelly, Tuzz, Jeff, Big Homie, and Julia. I love all of you and can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

Steve-O Out!

Staff Writer Matthew Azzarano: When I first moved to Point Boro I was eager to start my freshman soccer season, now looking back it’s funny to me how I am almost indifferent to the sport and would much rather be out on the lacrosse field. I still remember being the weird little awkward freshman who didn’t have very many friends and didn’t really know how to make any, now I have a group of friends around me that will last a lifetime. The moral of it all is although you might feel lost where you are now, you might not know your next step, you might just want to give up, don’t, because I guarantee it will all work out for the best. Thank you to the friends, teammates, coaches and staff who made my high school experience unforgettable, there was never a dull moment.