Growth Of The Panther Waves

The Surf Team grows to be bigger than ever this season.


Photographed by Andee F. (Lors Photographer).

Over the course of four years, the Point Pleasant Boro Surf Team has grown from about 15 students in the first year in 2019, to over 30 students in the 2022 season! The Surf Team is a close-knit family of surfers that always surf together and are by each other’s sides. The team practices almost every day on our favorite local spot, Bridge Ave. beach in Bayhead. Even if the team does not have a planned practice, they are always out catching the Jersey swell together. 

The Surf Team was started by a local senior from Point Pleasant Boro High School, Scarlett S. Describing her inspiration to start the team, Scarlett explained, “we were the only school without a surf team… and there are so many amazing surfers in our school and I felt like it was needed as far as sports go.”   

This year the PPBHS Surf Team’s record is 4-2, with Coach Nelson and Coach Kim leading the team. We asked one of the Junior Boro surfers on the team what made him want to join and he said, “I like surfing, it is very fun and competing seemed very fun to do. Learning and getting better, seemed like a little fun thing to do after school with your friends.” 

This is a small surf community so it truly feels like a close family compared to all of the larger sports at the high school. The team is so small they are able to talk and truly get to know each other while they are in the water. The bond that all of these surfers has is hard to find and they grateful to have it.