Halloween: the Day of the Dead or a “Dead Day”?


Declan Jensen as a minion

Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday for kids and teens worldwide. But this year around Point Pleasant, the zombies and skeletons were not the only things feeling dead. After witnessing this year’s Halloween festivities and hearing about planned costumes, our question to you is: Were you a part of the Halloween horror?

We went around our school Friday, October 28th asking about Halloween costumes.  We asked a total of 74 students and a staggering 41% of students said they would not be dressing up this year. We got lots of creative answers such as Walter White from Breaking Bad, prisoners, fairies, sports jerseys, cats, and Batman. But believe it or not, our most common answer we received was nothing. Where is the Halloween spirit that used to be there when we were kids? 

We interviewed a well-known teacher in our school, Mrs. Jensen, to hear her take on Halloween this year. She described, “As my first year in Point Pleasant I expected a ton more trick or treaters than what I got. I even bought extra Halloween candy.”

We believe Trunk or Treat is really affecting the door to door trick or treating. Community park hosts a Trunk or Treat annually along with a haunt in the park event which has gained a really large crowd. 

Is this the end of the Halloween we know and love?