Surprise Donation from the Point Boro Community


Allison Sullivan

Gina Mazzaro and mother of Van-Trease family hug after gifting her the surprise donation.

Aaron Van Trease, a highschool football player from Saint John Vianney suffered a traumatic spinal injury while defending during a football game on September 23rd. His injury was severe and he had to go through a costly and lengthy surgical procedure. While there have been no updates on his condition, this situation has been a lot for the whole family. The Black and Gold Parents Club here at Point Boro decided that they needed to take action to help out and show our support.

The Boro football team recently raised $5,000 by hosting a car wash, which was all included in the large donation. All together, our community was able to raise $31,000 for the Van Trease family. The check was presented to Aaron’s mom by the Parents Club and the Point Boro athletic director at the Saint John Vianney senior night on October 21st.

After speaking with Gina Mazzaro, the vice president of the booster club, we got a more in depth explanation of the importance of this donation. She explained how when she heard about Aaron’s injury, her mother instincts kicked in and knew she needed to help.

Gina explained, “It didn’t matter what color his jersey was or what team he played for, that’s when you say ‘that’s one of our boys’ and take action.” She went on to tell about how the football boys of Point Boro did not hesitate to do anything they could to help. 

It’s clear to see that the Boro community always comes together when we need it the most and our town has so many amazing people that will always step up and support everyone, even their own competitors.