Midnights: Mind-blowing or Mediocre?


Taylor swift is a mastermind in the music industry, not only in pop but in the genres of folk and country as well. Her fantastic lyricism and relatable songs have earned her loyal followers over the years. 

Swift’s release of Midnights on Friday, October 21st shattered multiple streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music due to these loyal fans known as “swifties”. The anticipation for the album was sky-high due to the fact that this is her first album release since Evermore in 2020. 

This album may have been a hit to some, but is it the same for the students of Point Boro High School? How do our students feel about this extraordinary event? What are their opinions on Midnights

After interviewing some students we noticed we got two different results. Some were all for it, while others were not. Sophomore Brayden Merritt told us, “Midnights is almost an entirely new vibe together. It’s very mystical yet upbeat which makes it a very unique type of music. Also, Karma is the best song.”

We then went on to interview English and Journalism teacher Mrs. Jensen who also shared, “I really liked it. I thought it would have been really hard to top Folklore since I enjoyed Folklore so much. This new album had Folklore vibes so I really enjoyed it. My favorite song is Anti Hero, it’s really catchy.” 

On the other side of things, senior Maddy Brue told us, “I was very disappointed, I really enjoyed Folklore, Evermore, and Red Taylor’s Version so my hopes were high. It’s not my cup of tea but, I still love Taylor.”

Also, when interviewed, sophomore Abby Gurzo added, “I wasn’t a huge fan of the new Taylor Swift album. In my opinion, she’s put out a lot better stuff and I wasn’t expecting Midnights to have the sound that it had.”

The overall consensus told us that while overall her album was well-liked and is definitely worth a listen, it is different from her past two albums. So much that it set a bar so high that for some Midnights just didn’t reach it. Since the sound and overall vibe of Midnights is different in its entirety from anything Taylor has done in the past. Everyone is now wondering, what is Taylor Swift going to come out with next?