Are You Too Old to Trick-or-Treat?

Staff Opinions

“Trick-or-Treating” is typically where children go out with their parents, knock on strangers’ doors, and get rewarded with a treat, candy! But at what point are you too old to participate? 

The Point Pleasant Boro staff have their opinions on what they think the appropriate age is. 

  • Mrs. Jensen agrees that “you can trick or treat during high school, but after high school you should just give it up.”
  • Mrs. Muraglia goes along with the idea that “k-12 is good, we need to stop trying to get kids to grow up too soon.”
  • Although Mrs. Switzer debates that 8th grade is the threshold, she said enjoying Halloween and dressing up never stops.
  • Coach McDonald disagrees a little and explains that 16 is probably a good age to stop going door-to-door.
  • Mrs. Bolger said that “it’s a hard question because if you’re wearing a costume, you can go out, but if not then there is no point… otherwise, maybe 15.” 
  • However, some teachers believe that being a high school student doesn’t mean you have to grow up and stop treating or treating just yet. There are teachers that said that you should never stop, like Mrs. Reed, and wants people to enjoy it and have fun!
  • Mrs. Ritter and Mrs. Layton agree that high schoolers shouldn’t stop trick-or-treating because it’s a wholesome, safe activity for kids on Halloween night. 

After gathering opinions from the Point Boro High School staff, many people have different views on trick-or-treating and Halloween itself. Ultimately, there really is no age limit to it – live your life to the fullest!