NBA is Here

Predictions for the upcoming season


The NBA is back and the Milwaukee Bucks are on fire. Giannis Antetokounmpo is contributing 34.4 points a game and the whole team is putting up around 113.4 points per game.

Our champions from last year, The Warriors, are currently going 3-4. Will they win this year… again? Will Curry have a ring on all 5 of his fingers? If Jordan Poole keeps doing what he’s doing, they may have another chance in the playoffs.

The Nets are not looking so well at the moment, with one win and five losses they are almost tied for last in the Eastern Conference. They are set to play the Bulls on November 1st, but my odds say DeRozan and Lavine will leave this game with another victory.

The other New York team is currently 3-3 (we all know who I am talking about being that there are only two New York teams). I don’t know what to expect from them this year. Sometimes they’re my favorite team, other times… it’s rough. They have a better record than the Nets currently, so I can’t say much. 

Speaking of New York… James Harden. The Philadelphia 76ers played a Halloween game. Harden, had 23 points AND 17 ASSISTS. The 76ers are now 4-4, with a three game win streak. Will this streak continue? They are set to play Washington on November 2, at 6pm. My odds say the 76ers take this win against Washington… AGAIN. 

Name one team that comes to mind when I say this: “worst super team ever”. Okay now there should be only one team that popped up. I’m talking about the team with Patrick Beverley, Russel Westbrook, Anthony Davis, and the alleged “best player to exist”. I’m not going to say his name because he’s only averaging 25 points per game and has one win this entire season. Yes, you heard me… the Lakers have only one win out of the six games they played. I don’t know who to blame, so I’m not even going to blame anyone. This jsut gives the Knicks a better chance at making the playoffs. 

I’m going to talk about one more team (just one more, I promise). The Celtics are currently 4-2. They’re first in the Atlantic and Jason Tatum is averaging 30 points per game. This is a good start to the season. The Celtics just barely lost the Championship last season and that isn’t sitting right with Mr. Tatum and Jaylen brown, after they carried the team there.

This year I hope to see either Tatum Or Antetokounmpo in the finals. They both play amazing and put on a show every time.