Love is Blind…Or Not

A group of students at Columbia Business School were asked to rate the importance of attributes of potential dates at a speed dating event. They were asked to distribute 100 points among the 6 attributes.

A group of students at Columbia Business School were asked to rate the importance of attributes of potential dates at a speed dating event. They were asked to distribute 100 points among the 6 attributes.

Would you marry someone you have never seen before? Would you say yes to someone off of a deep emotional connection? In life, everyone looks for the one to spend the rest of their life with. “Love Is Blind” is a show where people marry someone based on a deep emotional connection they have formed. People should care about this topic because in the world today people only care about someone’s physical attraction rather than their personality. Then once they get to know the person they realize they may not like them or their habits so they leave them because they only were interested in their looks. So we want to know if this show proves anything about blind love. 

The phrase, “Love is Blind” simply means that two people don’t just love each other based on appearances or external factors. Instead, love is based on many different emotional elements that are taken into account. There is a show based on this theory of blind love, which is called Love is Blind. This is where men and women talk together in pods where they can not see each other and have to marry someone based on an emotional connection that is built over the course of around ten days. 

There were five main couples in the third season of “Love is Blind” and only two out of the five couples had gotten married. There were many factors that played into the couples saying yes or no and they were different for each couple.  The first couple was Raven and SK. They did not end up getting married because SK does not think it is the right time. He is going to grad school in California and he knew it was not the right time, but they are still dating today. The next couple was Nancy and Bartise. Throughout the whole show, Bartise would constantly comment on how attractive Raven is and Nancy did not like that. He says that from the pods to the real world it just wasn’t working out. So he said no and that was the end of them. The next couple is Brennon and Alexa, throughout the whole show they were deeply in love and respected everything about each other and they both said I do at the altar. This means this experiment does work sometimes! Next is Cole and Zanab, they had the most toxic relationship in the whole show. Their relationship was mentally and physically draining and abusive. Cole was truly a burden on Zanab’s life. Calling her abusive and not as hot as Colleen, it truly damaged Zanab’s confidence. Then when they are at the altar Zanab says I do not and calls Cole out on his whole family about how terrible and disrespectful he was to her. They did not in fact get married. Lastly we have Colleen and Matt, they both know that they had been through a roller coaster of hard times but they worked through it all and did end up getting married to each other. So with this maybe sometimes love could be blind depending on the situation. 

I asked people in Point Boro High School to see if people think love is blind.

Aly and Colleen both said, I would marry someone without seeing them. If I can connect with someone emotionally,  looks shouldn’t matter.”

Another student said, “No, because physical attraction does matter in a relationship, and if you don’t find them attractive it is almost like a friendship.” 

It truly is a hard question to answer and we may never know if love is truly blind or not, but there was an article posted on CNBC about if blind love would work in real life and what dating experts and psychologists had to say about this topic.

A professor of social psychology at the U.K.’s Anglia Ruskin University Says, “There is this commonsensical notion that people who care a lot about physical appearance are shallow, or they’re investing in the wrong thing. But in reality, romantic relationships are based, partly at least, on the fact that we find other people physically attractive.” This means that it is not impossible to love someone based on just emotional connection but physical attraction does play a  large factor in an intimate relationship.

On the other hand, dating expert Charlie Lester took a different approach to describe how this would work in the real world by saying, “If you’re willing to commit to a relationship with someone before ever seeing them, you probably shouldn’t come to the table with overly specific preferences for your future partner’s physical traits.” He thinks that it is based on how committed that person is to the idea of never seeing the person before marrying them. 

Overall so many factors play a part in finding true love, especially when you can’t see the person. You really have to be ready to commit to a person if you have never seen them in real life to be able to marry them. Personally, I think love can be blind if the person is willing and is in the right mental state to commit to a person in this interesting and different kind of way.

So the big question still lingers… is love really blind?